Bio-Analytical Laboratory

GCCL provides various services in developing and verifying analysis methods and analyzing biomarkers based on state-of-the-art equipment and specialists for PK/PD analysis in preclinical and early clinical trial phases.

Biomarker Analysis Items

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Test Items Sample type Species Instruments
1,25-DH Vit-D Serum, Plasma Human ELISA
1,25-DH Vit-D * Serum, Plasma* Human * ELISA
25(OH)-Vitamin D Serum Human ELISA
4-HNE Plasma,Serum,Others Human ELISA
8-OHdG Random Urine,Serum,Plasma Human ELISA
Ab adalimumab Serum Human ELISA
Acetylcholine Serum,Plasma Human ELISA
Activin A Serum,Plasma Human, Rat, Mouse ELISA
Acylated ghrelin Plasma Human ELISA
Adalimumab Serum Human ELISA
Adiponectin Plasma,Serum Human, Rat, Mouse ELISA
Adiponectin Plasma,Serum,Others Human Multiplex
Adiponectin total Plasma,Serum,Others,Random Urine Rat ELISA
Adipsin (factor D) Plasma,Serum,Others,Random Urine Human ELISA
AGE Plasma,Serum,Others Human ELISA
AI(H5N1) Serum Human HI assay
Amphiregulin Serum,Plasma Human ELISA
Amylase Serum Human ELISA
Amyloid A Serum Horse ELISA
Amyloid β(1-40) Serum,Plasma,CSF(Cerebrospinal Fluid) Human ELISA
Amyloid-α Serum, Plasma, Others Human ELISA
Amyloid-β (1-42) Serum,Plasma,CSF,(Cerebrospinal Fluid), Others, Tissue Human ,Mouse, Rat ELISA
Angiopoietin-1 Serum, Plasma, Others, Fluid ,Saliva Human ELISA
Angiopoietin-1 Serum, Plasma,Others Human Multiplex
Angiopoietin-2 Serum, Plasma, Others, Random Urine,Saliva Human ELISA
Angiotensin-1 Plasma Human, Rat, Mouse ELISA
Angiotensin-2 Serum, Plasma,Others Canine ELISA
ANP Serum, Plasma,Others Human ELISA
Anti-PA Ab Serum Human ELISA
Anti-PA IgG Serum Human ELISA
AOPP Serum, Plasma Human ELISA
Apelin-12 Plasma Human, Rat, Mouse, Bovine ELISA
Apelin-36 Plasma Human ELISA
Apo B-100 Serum, Plasma,Others Human ELISA
Apo B-48 Serum, Plasma Human ELISA
Autotaxin Serum, Plasma Human ELISA
B.pertussis IgG Serum, Plasma Human ELISA
BDNF Serum, Plasma,Others Human ELISA
BDNF Serum, Plasma,Others Human Multiplex
BMP-2 Serum, Plasma Human ELISA
Bradykinin (Extraction free) Serum, Plasma, 24h Urine, Random Urine Human ELISA
C2C Serum, Plasma, Random Urine , Others, Fluid (Other) Human ELISA
C3A Plasma Human ELISA
C4A Plasma Human ELISA
Calprotectin Stool Human ELISA
Cardiotrophin-1 Serum Human ELISA
Catalase Assay Serum,Plasma, Tissue,Others Human ELISA
CC16 (club cell protein 16) Serum, Plasma Human ELISA
CCK (cholecystokinin) Serum, Plasma Human ELISA
CCL17/TARC Serum, Plasma,Others Human ELISA
CCL2/JE/MCP-1 Serum, Others Human ,Mouse, Rat ELISA
CCL3/MIP-1α Serum, Plasma Human ELISA
CCL4/MIP-1β Serum, Plasma Human ELISA
CCL-5 (RANTES) Serum, Plasma, Others, Random Urine Human ELISA
CCL5/RANTES Serum, Plasma,Others Human Multiplex
CD117/c-KIT Serum, Plasma,Others Human ELISA
CD200 Serum, Plasma Human ELISA
CD36 Serum, Plasma Human ELISA
CETP Serum, Plasma,Others Human ELISA
CGRP Serum, Plasma Human ELISA
Chemerin Serum, Plasma,Others Human ELISA
CHI3L1 / YKL-40 (chitinase 3-like 1) Serum, Plasma Human ELISA
Chromogranin A Plasma,Saliva Human ELISA
CML (N-carboxymethyl lysine) Serum, Plasma Human ELISA
COMP Serum, Plasma,Others Human ELISA
COMP * Serum* Human * ELISA
Copeptin Serum, Plasma Human, rat, mouse ELISA
Corticosterone Serum, Plasma Rat, Mouse ELISA
Cortisol Serum, Plasma,Saliva Human ,Rodent, Swine ELISA
Cotinine Random Urine Human LC-MS/MS
Cotinine Serum, Random Urine Human ELISA
COX-2 Plasma, Others Human ELISA
CP-2 Serum Human ELISA
C-peptide Plasma, Serum, Others Mouse, Rat ELISA
CRF Plasma, Serum Human, Rat, Mouse, Pig ELISA
CRP Serum, Plasm Rat ELISA
CRP Plasma, Others, Serum Human Multiplex
CTGF Serum Human ELISA
CTX Others, Plasma, Random Urine, 24h Urine, Serum Human,Mouse, Rat ELISA
CTX-1 alpha Random Urine Human ELISA
CTX-1 beta Random Urine Human ELISA
CTX-2 Random Urine Human ELISA
CTX-2 * Random Urine* Human * ELISA
CVD Plasma, Seurm Human Multiplex
CX3CL1/Fractalkine Serum Human ELISA
CXCL10/IP-10 Plasma, Serum, Random Urine, Saliva, Others Human ELISA
CXCL11/I-TAC Serum Human ELISA
CXCL12/SDF-1α Plasma Human ELISA
CXCL8/IL-8 Fluid (Other), Random Urine, Plasma, Others, Serum Human Multiplex
CYP (cytochrome P450) Serum, Plasma Human ELISA
Cystatin C Plasma, Saliva, Serum Human,Mouse, Rat ELISA