Central Lab

Together with GC Labs’ 40 years of experience, GCCL conducts diagnostic tests,
medical examinations, and pathological tests required for clinical trials.
Moreover, we test over 5,000 items ranging from general tests to special molecular genetic tests
and provide analysis of indicators related to safety and efficacy in clinical trials.

Sample Management

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GCCL performs quality control throughout the entire process from analysis consulting
to data management for efficient clinical trials and research analyses and
provides customized research support services for all projects.

Sample Management

Bio Repository

  • Optimized storage environment through biological samples condition

  • Tracking system
    through G-HUB

  • Surveillance security system

  • Sample disposal on specific date by medical waste specialized company

Sample Preprocessing

PBMC Isolation

  • Sample preprocessing based on the client’s protocol

  • PBMC isolation service
    based on project

  • Establishment of Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cell (PBMC) resource management system Manage the entire process from the arrival of the specimen to disposal with a two-step barcode system