Central Laboratory

Together with GC Labs’ 40 years of experience, GCCL conducts diagnostic tests, medical examinations and pathological tests required for clinical trials. Moreover, we test over 4,000 items ranging from general tests to special molecular genetic tests, and provide analysis of indicators related to safety and efficacy in clinical trials.


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  • Safety Test (Biochemistry, Hematology, Urinalysis)
  • DNA and RNA extraction, PBMC preparation
  • Biomarker profiles / Multiplex(Luminex)

Central Laboratory Testing

  • Data Integration
  • Clinical Data Management
  • Data Mining and Analysis
  • Local Lab Data Normalization
  • Documentation
  • EDC Data Management

Data Management

  • Clinical Specimen Collection Kits
  • Laboratory Logistics
  • Real-Time Sample Tracking to Monitor
  • Global Sample Processing Network
  • Biorepository

Sample Collection & Logistics

  • Biological Sample Management
  • Scientific Project Management
  • Vendor/CRO management and oversight
  • Preclinical and clinical project management
  • Analytical assay validation and transfer
  • Computational biology and data analytics
  • Contract administration

Scientific Functional Outsourcing Provider