Clinical Support

GCCL performs quality management of the entire process from analysis consultation to
data management for efficient clinical trial execution and research analysis,
and provides customized research support service for each project.

Project Management

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GCCL performs quality control throughout the entire process from analysis consulting
to data management for efficient clinical trials and research analyses and
provides customized research support services for all projects.


  • Step 01

    Consultation and contract

  • Step 02

    Set up for project operating system

  • Step 03

    Sample collection and shipment

  • Step 04


  • Step 05

    Reporting result

  • Step 06

    Follow-up management

Consultation and contract

  • Receipt of request for quotation form (RFQ)
  • Confirmation of resource
  • Providing quote
  • Enrollment of vendor
  • Contract

Set up for project operating system

  • Review clinical trial protocol
  • Planning project (G-HUB)
  • Writing EDA/EDTS
  • Writing lab instruction manual (LIM)
  • Producing and providing lab kits
  • Site training

Sample collection and shipment

  • Domestic and foreign shipment management
  • Entry into sample information (G-HUB)
  • Sample reception and management for 24 hours


  • Development and validation of the analytical method
  • Management of analysis plan
  • Writing analysis plan
  • Analysis of clinical trial sample
  • Providing clinical test sample analysis report

Reporting result

  • Web-based result reporting (G-HUB portal)
  • Sending electronic data capture results (lab data transfer)

Follow-up management

  • Sample storage
  • Document storage
  • Response to research on the actual condition


In-house Development

Central Lab Management System

All services provided by GCCL are provided by the G-HUB system.

For data integrity, ERP data, various platforms and requests, and analysis result data are linked and processed.
Through the know-how of clinical trial management over the past 20 years,
GCCL has established a process optimized for task management, It complies with regulations such as SOP and FDA 21 CFR Part 11.
Also, between systems of various 3rd parties and partners (Bio Logistics, Laboratory, Clinical IT solution, etc.), It also plays a role as a data integrity and Central Lab data HUB through data linkage.

Customer Portal

  • Login screen

    Through the web-based system, you can conveniently access the system anytime, anywhere, and check the necessary information.
    In addition, you can search only the permitted range of information according to the authority granted to each institution and person in charge.

  • Lab kit

    You can place an order for the lab kits you need with a few clicks. In addition, you can check the receipt, expiration date, and inventory of the provided lab kit.

  • Analysis result

    You can view the results of the requested analysis in real-time. Result reports can be printed, and data can be downloaded in Excel, PDF format if necessary.

  • Pick up

    In the case of domestic sample transportation, you can simply apply for pickup through G-HUB and manage your history.