Clinical Support

GCCL performs quality control throughout the entire process from analysis consulting to data management for efficient clinical trials and research analyses, and provides customized research support services for all projects.


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Responsible customized services from
the beginning right through to the end

Sample shipment

We provide transport services for samples generated at institutions participating in clinical trials.
We use verified transport containers when transporting samples, and a temperature recording device to monitor the internal temperature.

  • Transport of samples to the central lab for analysis
  • Sample shipment service to the location (Korea/overseas) designated by the client
  • Partnership with global shipping companies

Providing lab kits

We create and provide lab kits optimized for
clinical trial protocols for each subject and visit date.

  • Developing a requisition form for clients to enter the information they want
  • Providing kit components according to the analysis items by visit date
  • Managing the expiration date of lab kits

Data management

We perform daily multi-checks to ensure that the information of the clinical trial subjects has been entered into the internal computer system without any errors.

The analysis results are delivered to the client after undergoing three steps of confirmation by the person in charge of the analysis, the analysis team manager, and a specialist. Reports of the results are delivered via various channels, such as the web page, mail, and email. The electronic data in whichever form requested by the client is transmitted directly to the e-CRF.

Sample preparation and storage

The samples collected from the subjects are produced and stored in the form desired by the client.

  • Production of samples in various forms including PBMC
  • Operating an exclusive lab for sample production
  • Room temperature, refrigeration, freezing (-20℃, -80℃), nitrogen tank, etc.
    • The Bio-Bank has back-up facilities in event of an emergency, and in case of remote monitoring and/or problems, the contents are delivered to the person in charge via SMS.