Clinical Support

GCCL performs quality control throughout the entire process from analysis consulting to data management for efficient clinical trials and research analyses, and provides customized research support services for all projects.

Bio logistics

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We specialize in shipping bio-related goods such
as pharmaceuticals, raw materials, blood, human-derived
materials, and clinical kits that are sensitive to temperature and time.

Clinical trials logistics
(Clinical Trials Logistics)

  • Clinical samples
  • Investigational product (IP) shipment

Bio logistics
(Bio Logistics)

  • Shipment of infectious substances
  • Shipment of blood bags, blood products, umbilical cord blood, and samples for diagnostic tests

Shipment of diagnostic reagents and medical devices
(IVD, Medical Devices delivery)

  • Shipment of diagnostic reagents and bio-related goods that are sensitive to temperature and time
  • Shipment of medical devices and diagnostic reagents

Global forwarding
(Global Forwarding)

  • Specimens and research samples, etc. Shipment of bio-related goods