About GCCL

With an exclusive lab service available for clinical trials and a logistics system that meets global quality standards, GCCL is building trust with over 200 partners in Asia by providing a sample analysis service spanning the entire cycle of clinical trials to meet customer demands.


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We will maintain our values and trust
as the best partner for clinical trials.

GCCL was founded to provide a sample analysis service through all clinical trial stages with the highest-quality standards, and values. Bio technology companies in the world are striving to eradicate intractable diseases with constant R&D so that humanity can live a healthier life. Accordingly, the field of clinical trials is also seeing continuous growth and development

Sample analysis plays a significant role in the process of a clinical trial.
Many biopharmaceutical companies are performing clinical trials with the highest-quality standards based on the values of innovation, change, and a dedication and passion for excellence.
Thus, GCCL will fulfill its values as a partner for biopharmaceutical companies in clinical trials.
We will be a reliable lab by providing the best in testing and analysis services, going above and beyond offering simple central lab services.
We are committed to ensuring our client’s satisfaction with our R&D achievements, and seeking mutual growth in the global market as a true partner for our clients.



To contribute to a healthy life for all


Leader of a Global Clinical Central Lab

Core Value

Quality & Trust / Respect & Compassion / Creativity & Challenge / Technology & Research